Apple health facts and nutrition

Hello! This is Shees. Today we will talk about Apple…Pyrus malus.

What is Apple:

It is a very sweet fruit which belongs to the family of Rosaceae.

It includes in the Pome category of the fruits.

It is red in color and a deciduous tree.

This fruit is cultivated worldwide.

Everyone wants to eat Apple.

This fruit has religious and mythological significance in many cultures.

Apple health facts and nutrition


Surprising facts of Apple:

These are the facts of the apple:

  • Apple contains no cholesterol and no fat.
  •  About 8000 varieties of apple occure in nature
  • An average size apple contains 80 calories.
  • Pectin is present in the apple that lowers cholesterol level.
  • Apple boosts up the hormone called Estrogen.
  • An average person eats 65 apples per year.
  • Apples are 25% air this is the reason that they float on water.

Apple health facts and nutritionTypes of Apple:

These are the types of the apple:

Kiku apple:

It is the type of the apple. They have a super sweet taste.

They are very crunchy, juicy and fleshy.

It is considered ever sweetest apple in the world.

Honeycrisp apple:

This type of apple has a large size.

They are great for snacking.

It is the sweet and juicy apple.

Red Delicious Apple:

This apple is the sweet, highly aromatic, creamy, white flesh.

It is characterized by five distinct crowns on the base.

Golden Deciduous Apple:

It is excellent as an eating apple.

This apple has a bright yellow to golden skin color.


It is another type of apple.

It is the sweet-tangy apple with a superb white flesh contrasting a bright red skin.


Benefits of Apple:

These are the benefits of apple:


The eating of apple reduces pancreatic cancer.

So, it helps you to fight with cancer.


A person who eats one apple in a day has very less risk of developing diabetes.


Apple has the ability to decreased the risk of cholesterol.

Prevention of gallstone:

You can fight with gallstone with the help of a weapon called Apple.

Prevention of Constipation:

Apple contains fibers that help you to get relief from Constipation.

Weight control:

Apple helps you to control your weight because it is free of fats.


Apple boosts up your immune system and allows it to work properly.


Apple is very good for your memory.

Apple health facts and nutrition

Apple and skin:

First tip:

Take a grated apple, add some glycerine.

Mixed well then apply on face for 20 minutes.

Then rinse with warm water.

Second tip:

Take a grated apple add some honey into it.

Make a pact then apply on your face for 15 minutes.

So, this is all about Apple. It is the great blessing of nature.  Add it to your diet. Thanx

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