asthma guidelines

Hi! This is Shees. Today we will talk about Asthma, symptoms, causes, triggers, sign, diagnosis, treatment.

Definition (asthma guidelines):

It is a lung disorder that interferes with breathing. This disorder effect airway which carries air in or out.

Who gets Asthma: 

It usually occurs during childhood or adulthood.

Gender also matter in this disease.

During childhood more boys effects with this disease than girls.

But ,in adult age, more girls effect than boys.

Certain jobs developed Asthma disorder.

Smoking also caused Asthma disorder.

This disease travels generation to generation.

It is more common in obese people.




3-Coughing that won’t stop

4-Tightness in the chest

Early warning sign:

1-Frequent coughing

2-Difficult sleeping

3-Unexplained fatigue

4-Feeling out of breath

Seek emergency care:

1- Your lips and fingernails look blue.

2-You are too breathless to walk or talk.

=>In these cases people need emergency treatment.


The airway that causes the proper movement of air is chronically inflamed. The Certain trigger makes the inflammation worse causing narrowing of the airway. The body produces extra mucosa that clogs the airway. Airway becomes narrow as the mucosa increased. These changes can restrict the way of air.

Asthma triggers:



3-Dust miles

4-Pollens from trees

5-Food like peanut


1-This disorder is diagnosed by a test called Spirometry .In this test, we see the flow of air in and out of the body.

2-It is also tested by sinus X-ray.

3-Asthma is also diagnosed by a physical exam.


It involves a blend of medication and avoiding triggers.

Inhaled corticosteroids is common medication.

Asthma attack may occur throughout your life.

Untreated Asthma may be life threatening.

Its complete treatment is not known yet.

asthma guidelines

Prevent attack:

Follow the treatment plan suggest by the doctor.

Learn trigger and avoid it.

Take medicine regularly.

Managing Asthma:

1-Stay indoor when smog index is high.

2-Remove source from the house that causes Asthma.

Goal of Asthma treatment:

1-Prevent the repetition of attack.

2-Provide best medical treatment.

3-Maintaining lung function.

4-Sleep throughout the night.

5-Reduce need for quick-relief medicine.

This is all about asthma, we talk about its causes, symptoms, treatment and remedies.


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