Awesome benefits of Exercise

Hi! This is Shees. Today we will talk about fitness and exercise.


Fitness and health are the great blessings of nature. No one can deny it. A pure healthy man enjoys his life very much. Exercise in our life is essential in this era. In our past, our ancestors do their works by themselves. There were no machines that make their life easier one. So, they exercised automatically by doing their work. But in this advanced age, we did all works by machines so there arises a need to take exercise in order to make yourself fit and healthy.


Benefits of Exercise:

There are a lot of benefits of exercise just as:

For brain:

Exercise makes our brain healthy one. It boosts the brain to perform its function properly. It improves the proper flow of blood. It grows new brain cells.

For relief from depression:

Exercise stimulates the brain to release certain chemicals that forced us to be happy, reduces depression and lighten our mood.


For ageing:

Telomeres are the caps of chromosomes present in a cell. When they became shorter, then, a man exposed to old age. But with exercise, the telomeres become protective and slower the ageing cells.

For skin:

Exercise causes the proper flow of blood to the skin. It provides all essential nutrition and blood to the skin. So, skin appears more healthy and glowing.

For reduction of fats:

Proper exercise causes the burning of extra fats in our body. With exercise, our body uses all the oxygen and makes the system stronger and better. So, it metabolizes all the extra fats.

For Diabetic patient:

Exercise on regular basis stimulates our body to manage and prevent Diabetes.

For immunity:

It will boost our immune system and forces it to fight with antigen. It also produces more antibodies.



For heart:

Exercise makes your heart to work properly. it also prevents the heart from diseases.

For cancer:

It occurs due to the abnormal development of the cell. But with proper exercise, it reduces the risk to get breast cancer and another type of cancer.

For sexual life:

Take exercise because it increases energy level and physical appearance, so, boosts your sex life.


These are several exercises that make your life healthier:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Plank
  • Bent-over row

So, This is all about Exercise and fitness. Hope you enjoy it, visit again. Thanx!

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