Baby teeth

Hi! This is Shees.Today we will talk about the baby teeth, its care, problems, causes, preventions.

Other names of baby tooth:

Baby teeth may also call Deciduous teeth, temporary teeth, milk teeth, primary teeth.

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Baby teeth:

It is called so because it erupts at the age of 6 months.

Deciduous teeth:

Deciduous is the name of a tree that has the ability to shed its leaves, babies tooth also shed, so, called Deciduous teeth.

Primary teeth:

Baby tooth called primary teeth because these are the first set of teeth in the mouth.

Temporary teeth:

It is called so because primary teeth stay in the mouth for less than a decay and replaced by permanent teeth.

Milk teeth:

It is said that primary teeth grew as a result of  mother’s milk which washes baby’s gum, called milk teeth.

Teething age:

Following are the age of the eruption of teeth:

1- Central incisors grow at the age of 6-12 months.

2- Lateral incisors grow at the age of 9-16 months.

3- First molars grow at the age of  13-19 months.

4- Second molars grow at the age of  22-33 months.

When do teeth start to develop?

Primary teeth formation starts in the first trimester.

Second teeth formation starts in the second trimester.

=> Any disturbance in the health of pregnant lady may not only affect primary teeth but also secondary teeth formation.


1- It is essential for the growth of oral cavity.

2- Formation of jaws depends on primary teeth.

3- These teeth are important for baby’s speech, smile, chew and play.

4- They take part in the development and growth.

5- When they lost,they replaced by permanent teeth.

6- They develop during embryonic stage development and erupt.

Primary dentition stage:

Primary teeth formation starts during the embryonic stage of pregnancy. The development of primary teeth starts at the 6 weeks of tooth development as tooth laminate. This development starts in the midline and spread back into the posterior region.

When an embryo is 8 weeks old, 10 teeth will continue to erupt.

In dentition, total teeth are 20 in number.

baby with bottle

Causes of damaging teeth:

1- Leaving milk bottle in the mouth during sleeping.

2- Taking irregular food like sweets, snacks…

babytooth prevention

Dental care tips for mum:

1- By brushing

2- By flossing

3- Load up on fruits

4- Visit your doctor


1- Cleaning baby mouth daily.

2- Don’t let the child sleep with the bottle.

3- Regular meal should be allowed.

So, these are the discription of baby teeth, follow them and live a happy life.

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