Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Hi! This is Maira Ishaq. Today we will all talk about Coconut oil benefits.

Coconut oil:

It is the white or nearly colourless fatty oil that is edible and extracted from the meat of the mature coconut. It has the thick and creamy appearance.

In this article, we will discuss all the health benefits of coconut oil. How you can use it. Actually, It proves very good for us. It is one of the greatest gifts of nature.

coconut oil

Healthy benefits of coconut oil:

Following are the health benefits of Coconut oil:

  • For Hair:

Coconut oil is very good for your hair. It makes your hair strong and shiny. The application of this oil reduces the risk to lose the protein of hair. It provides essential proteins and acts as the excellent conditioner for your hair. It proves very good for the damaged hair. It makes your hair dandruff free if used on regular basis.

  • For skin:

Apply coconut oil on your skin. It is good for each type of skin. It also used to treat many skin problems including Psoriasis. It makes your skin wrinkle free and delays your age.

coconut oil

  • For weight loss:

Coconut oil is used to lose the weight. It also easy to digest. This oil contains short or medium chain fatty acids that take up excessive weight. It is widely used to reduce abdominal obesity.

  • For lips:

The coconut oil is very good for chapped lips so apply it on your lips many times a day.

  • For dark circles:

Apply a pinch of coconut oil on your dark circles for one minute. Regular use of this oil makes yours under eyes circles free.

  • For immune system:

Coconut oil makes your immune system stronger one in order to deal with bacteria and viruses.

  • For teeth:

Calcium is very important for our teeth. Intake of coconut oil makes your teeth to absorb the maximum of calcium.

For whiten teeth, mix equal parts of coconut oil with baking soda and add few drops of peppermint oil. use daily, it also deals with other teeth problems.

coconut oil

  • For heart:

It is said that coconut oil is not good for your heart but later studies have shown that it helps the body to deals with heart problems. It reduces the risk of damaging of arteries.

  • For stress:

Application of coconut oil makes you stress-free.

  • For scrubbing:

Mix half cup of seawater with coconut oil then rub it on your whole body. It acts as a natural scrubber of your body.

  • For rash guard:

The babies that are suffering from rashes or redness, massage this oil on the affected area. It has very soothing effects.

So, this is all about coconut oil benefits. I hope you get a lot of knowledge from this article, visit it again. Thanx!

8 thoughts on “Benefits Of Coconut Oil

  1. Irfana jaleel

    Salaam to you! I’m 58 yrs /female and have white small tiny patches on my feet and feel very itchy. Seems to be spreading upward my body. This started about 10 years ago,I have neglected myself owing to be caring my disabled son who’s 22now. Pls advise me of some home remedy and treatments. ” jazakhallahu khair “

    1. Maira Ishaq Post author

      W/A! Take turmeric powder, dissolve into few drops of mustard oil and apply on the patches twice a day until it will disappear. You can also apply honey on the patches.
      Eat figs for a month or two.
      Also, Eat ginger.


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