Cucumber benefits and facts

Hello! This is Shees. Today we will talk about Cucumber.

What is Cucumber:

It belongs to the family called Cucurbitaceae. It is the creeping vine which bears cucumiform fruit.

It is scientifically called Cucumis sativus.



Cucumber has three main varieties:

  • Slicing:

These are long and straight cucumbers.

They have thicker skin.

  • Pickling:

They are usually shorter than Slicing.

It has more spines.

  • Seedless:

They are longer and thinner.

They have very tiny seeds.

Facts of Cucumber:

  • The sliced cucumber gives an instant relief to sunburnt skin.
  • Cucumbers contain 96% water.
  • Cucumbers are the cool and moist due to high water content.
  • It contains Vitamine A, C, K, fibers, and potassium.
  • Cucumber is the great source of chlorophyll.
  • Cucumbers can help to lower eye puffiness.


Healthy benefits of cucumber:

These are the healthy benefits of Cucumber:


Nature filled a lot of water in the cucumber, so, you should eat it in hot summer.

Bone healthy:

Cucumber is full of vitamin K which prevent bone fracture. So, it makes your bone strong.


Cucumber contains cucurbitacins which have anti-cancerous properties.


It helps you to lose your weight. Add it into your diet.

Blood Pressure:

It proves very good for BP patients because it maintains your blood pressure.


Eating cucumber refreshes your mouth and heal up diseases gums.


Silica is present in the cucumber which makes your hair smooth.

kidney health:

Cucumber lowers uric acid levels in the body, keeping both of the kidneys happy.


Cucumber is very good for your skin also. It relief your skin from sunburn.

So, guys, this is all about cucumber. Hope you get not enough but a lot of knowledge from this article. Thanx!

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