dental pain

Hi! This is Shees. Today we will talk about dental pain, dental problems, causes, symptoms, and prevention.

Dental Problems:

Following are the problems:

1- Bad breath

2- Tooth decay

3- Oral cancer

4- Gum disease

5- Tooth erosion

Bad breath:

It is also called Halitosis. About 85% people effect by this problem.This produces an unpleasant odour which is an embarrassing condition.


These are the causes of Bad breath:

1- Infrequent brushing

2- Bacteria on tongue

3- Dry mouth

4- Bad oral hygiene

5- Taking Tobacco


1- By lick one’s wrist, dry it and then smell it.

2- Scraping the rear area of the tongue with a plastic spoon then smell it.


1- By brushing.

2- Visit your doctor after 6 months.

3- Chew parsley because it has Chlorophyll.

4- Place tea tree oil on the tongue.

5- Give up smoking.

6- Avoid food that causes Bad Breath.


Tooth decay:

It is also called Cavities. It occurs when plaque combines with sugar and starch which produce acid that attacks Enamel.

It damaged the outer layer of teeth.


1- Baby bottle

2- Root cavities


1- By Flossing

2- By brushing

3- Taking healthy food

4- Avoid smoking

5- Chew sugar-free gum

Oral Cancer:

It is a deadly disease that kills million of people. It is also called mouth cancer.


1- Mouth ulcer

2- Swelling in the mouth

3- Pain when you swallowed some food

4- Jaw pain and stiffness

5- Painful tongue


The Early stage of this problem is curable.But usually not detected during the early stage.

1- Give up smoking

2- Limit alcohol drink

Gum disease:

It is a disease that linked with Heart attack and strokes.

It is an infection in the gum that surrounds the teeth.

Tooth erosion: 

In this problem, the structure of the tooth is lost.


It is caused by an acid attack.


1- Sensitivity

2- Damaging teeth severely

tooth decay prevention


1- Rinse your mouth after eating food

2- Cut back on carbonated drinks

3- Use the soft toothbrush.

4- Use  toothpaste that has Fluoride.

So these are the dental problems and their preventions, follow that is describe above and enjoy a happy life.

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