Exercise And Food For Girls To Gain Weight

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Hmmm…..  weight gain is much different from weight loss. We see women trying to lose their weight. They used different strategies in every and each moment in order to look slim. They changed their diet plan, their way of exercise etc. But it looks strange when some women asked to gain the weight. Yes, This is the big problem for such women that haven’t enough weight according to their age. There should be an equilibrium in between the weight and age. Having less weight leads to many health issues. So, we can say that if obesity is considered the curse then underweight is also a curse.

Exercise For Girls To Gain Weight:

In order to fight with this problem let’s do something so that your weight will maintain. Here are some strategies that helped you to gain weight.

Exercise And Food For Girls To Gain Weight


This is one of the famous exercises that used to increase the weight of the upper body. You need no special machine. For this, you should be on your stomach on the floor then lift your body upward. Then again downward. Do this exercise regularly.

Low-intensity aerobic exercise:

Do some little work So you can inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This exercise increases your hunger and enhances the metabolism of your body. It makes you healthy.


Swimming movements increase the appetite. You intake more foods that cause you to gain your weight. So, swimming is best to exercise for underweight girls.


It is the cardiovascular exercise that maintains your metabolic process. Jogging digests the heavy metals and imparts good health to our body.

Bench press:

It is the good exercise to increase the weight in the inner and outer region of the chest. So, perform this exercise in order to gain weight in a healthy manner.


Yoga is the good exercise to gain the weight. It relaxes your mind and proper your metabolic functions.

Jumping Squats:

You can perform jumping squats to gain the weight. For this. bent downward and then jump in the air.

Food For Girls To Gain Weight:

Here is the description of food that helped you to gain your weight:

Exercise And Food For Girls To Gain Weight


Eggs are the complete package of protein. it provides great healthy to your system and forced it to work properly. Hence makes you healthy.

Red meat:

This meat stores a lot of nutrition in it. Add this meat to your diet show a good response and helped you to gain your weight in a healthy manner.


The people that eat weight gain pills, they avoid these pills and eat chicken in place of the pills. It provider protein that maintains your weight.


Fish stores omega 3-fatty acids that contain a high power to increase your weight. So, used fish in your diet.

Milk and butter:

They are considered the whole food. These are considered the most energetic things. By adding these things to your diet impart good health.


The concentrated yogurt is the cheap source of protein. Eating yogurt in the morning makes you healthy and increased your weight.


It is the fruit with high calories. Eating this fruit makes your internal system as strong as you want.


It contains carbohydrates and proteins vitamins and minerals. They helped you to gain your weight much.

Dry fruits:

Eating dry fruits not only increase your weight but also makes you healthy.


It is concluded that underweight is not a minor problem that can be neglected but it should be treated properly. By taking exercises and eating properly help you to gain your weight. Hopefully, you get a lot of information from this article.

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