Fish Oil

Fish Oil:

Fish oil is the fat which is getting through the tissues of fish. It has enormous health benefits. It is full of Omega-3 . People who do not get Omega-3 in their daily diet they should eat fish oil supplements in their diets. Fish oil supplement should be used with the consult of the doctor.  Omega-3 is essential for the healthy body, healthy brain and healthy heart. Fish oil is used as prevention and treatment of many diseases. Fish oil supplement available in form of tablets, pills and capsules.

Fish kinds:

Before the use of fish oil, one thing keeps in mind that which kind of fish is used to getting oil. Cold water fatty fish are the best source for getting fish oil. There are some kinds of fatty fish which are very useful for health:

  • White Fish
  • Herring
  • Sardines
  • Wild Caught Salmon
  • Anchovies

Benefits of fish oil:

fish oil benefits and side effects

Fish oil is very useful for the whole human body. It is widely rich in nutrition. It has a number of health benefits. It is very useful in the ulcer, allergy and many chronic diseases. it also prevents to produce cancer cell in the human body.

Useful for brain:

Fish oil is the best for the growth of the brain. 60% brain of our body consist of fats, So it is the best way of getting fat. It is very useful for improving the brain cells. People who have to complain of poor memory. For them, it is the salutary diet to improve memory ability.

Useful in depression:

Depression is the most common problem of today. Anxiety, sadness and tension create mental stress. Depression is not a light problem that can be ignored. In fact, it is caused many hazardous diseases. Fish oil is the best way to reduce depression and stress.


Useful for heart:

The Heart is the most important and strong part of our body that’s why it needs more care. Use of fish oil helps to prevent many heart diseases like heart attack, hypertension and stroke. Use of it is very effective for the strong heart.

Useful for joints:

Many people are suffering in joint pain problem especially old age group. Fish oil is the best for the joints. It can be taken as the medicine in joint pain. Not only that it is very useful for strong muscles. It works to protect the muscles of the human body.

Best for immunity system:

Use of it gives much energy to the body to fight against many autoimmune diseases. It is best in diabetes and also in viral infection like Cough, Cold and flu.

Best in pregnancy:

Fish oil is very beneficial in pregnancy. It is the best for fertility. It is full of Omega-3 which helps to make brain and eyes of the fetus. It is very beneficial during lactation.

Best for eyes:
Eyes  are the great blessing of God. Fish oil is very beneficial for eyes. Use of fish oil prevents from many eye diseases. It also helps to develop eyesight. It is very useful in regaining eyesight which lost. It is best for healthy eyes.

Weight loss:

Extra cholesterol caused of overweight. Fish oil helps to reduce extra cholesterol from the body. People who are on dieting, Use fish oil as medicine. It makes stamina and gives enough energy to the body to do the exercise properly.

Best of Skin:

It is very beneficial for the healthy skin. It considered skincare medicine. Use of it make healthy glowing and shining skin. It really works in many skin problems like acne, pimple, rashes, dryness and eczema. Eczema is an inflammatory disease, in which infants mostly suffer.

Best for Hair fall:

Fish oil is very useful for hair fall. It is very useful for the growth of hair. It is also very helpful in many hair problems like dandruff and dryness of hair.

Side effects of fish oil:

Everything has side effects similarly, fish oil has also some side effects with its a lot of benefits. They should use fish oil with their daily diet to prevent from any side effects. Before the use, they should be read specific detail given outside the product. Fish oil should be use by doctor’s recommendation. Should be avoided to take such kind of fish oil which is high in mercury. Mercury is a very harmful for brain and immunity system. Fish oil side effects can be in form of these symptoms:

  • Loose motion
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Rashes
  • Nosebleed
  • Shortness of breath

If you found some of these symptoms in yourself it means fish oil is not suitable for the body. so avoid to take it and consult your doctor.


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