Grapes… The Queen Of Fruits

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Grapes are considered the most popular fruit ever. They are usually called Small Berries. it is also called the Queen of Fruits. This fruit is one of the most delicious that provides great benefits to Human. There are about 8000 varieties of grapes that exist in the world.The grapes may be seedless or containing seeds. Its seeds are edible. The grapes occur in nature in many colours like purple, golden,  black, blue, red, and white. The polyphenolic pigment is responsible for colouration in Grapes. The leaves are large and green in grapes.


Nutrition facts:

Here are the nutritional values of grapes:

  • It contains no cholesterol
  • It is the excellent source of Vitamin C and K
  • It contains antioxidants and fiber
  • Polyphenol is also present in it
  • It also contains small amount of iron, manganese and calcium
  • Grapes are made up of 80% of water.


Amazing benefits of Grapes:

Grapes help us to become healthy and treat the diseases, so it has a lot of benefits for our health.


Grapes have the ability to reduce asthmatic events. The presence of water in the grapes moisturizes the lungs and improve breathing.


The micronutrients like Iron copper and manganese are present in the grapes that helped the body to form the bones and also makes them strong.



Grapes contain powerful polyphenol that prevents many types of cancer in our body. It also slows down the spreading of cancer and cases healing.


It proves very good for heart health. Potassium concentration in our body prevents heart diseases. Also, it maintains our blood pressure.


Grapes are made up of 80% of water. The fruits that are a huge source of water are very good for the patients of constipation.


Diabetes can be prevented by eating grapes. This fruit protects the body from this diseases.


Kidneys maintain their health by eating grapes. This fruit causes the prevention of all kidney diseases.


Using grapes for the treatment of a migraine is one of the old remedies. It causes the relief from it.


Grapes deal with a large number of brain diseases and provide it strength.



Eyes are the delicate part of our body. It demands a huge care. Eating grapes fulfil its demand.


Indigestion is preventable by eating grapes. It causes no burning or bloating.


The person that is suffering from knee pain, should add Grapes in his routine.


Iron is present in the grapes that prevent fatigue and makes us active.


Grapes are very good for your teeth. It provides huge care to teeth.


It boosts up your immunity and enables your body to fight disease.


The nutritional values of grapes help our skin from sun burning, ageing, and increase the good supply of blood. It also fights with acne.


Eating grapes prevent loss of hair, Dandruff, and makes the hair shiny. It also increases the volume of hair.


So, as we see this fruit is full of nutritious that provide us great benefits. The use of this fruit in our food gets us far apart from diseases.

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