healthy teeth

Hello! This is Shees. Today we will talk about healthy teeth, their scientific names, numbers, parts, and function.


Teeth can be defined as a hard body that attached in a row to each jaw, serving for the mastication of the food, as a weapon of attack or defense.

=>Each tooth itself has two parts:

1- Crown

2- Roots

Scientific name:

front teeth-incisors


upper jaws-maxillary

lower jaws-mandibular



There are five parts of a teeth:


It is a white outer part which is made up of Calcium phosphate.

Damaging or chipping to enamel is not painful.


It is present under the enamel, made up of living cells.It is creamy in colour.It secrets hard mineral substances.


It is softer. The blood vessels and nerves run into it.when this part exposed to infection then it causes severe pain and may be death.


It is the layer of connective tissue that bind roots to jaw bone/gum.

Periodontal ligament:

It is a tissue that holds the teeth together.


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