HIV symptoms

Hi! This is SheesToday I am talking about HIV/AIDs, its causes Transmission, symptoms, myths, Treatment, prevention.

What is Aids and what is HIV????

AIDs is the medical syndrome and HIV is a virus which effects on  T-cells of the immune system.

List of countries which affected by this virus:

1-South Africa (6.3 million people suffered)

2-Nigeria(3.2 million)

3-India(2.1 million)


This virus is present in body fluids like semen fluids etc

Studied reveals that this virus is present into monkeys but it does not affect monkeys which clear that HIV is a host specific.


It is spread by blood to blood , oral contact,anal contact,vaginal contact, during pregnancy it is transferred to the unborn baby, by chest milk.It is also transferred by already used syringes.


It is identified in the 1980s by scientists.



it is caused by Retrovirus which attacked vital organs

by sex ; oral, anal, vaginal contact

by reuse syringe

by affected mother transmit the virus during pregnancy or during childbirth

Common Myths:

Some people have some common myths like:

Shaking hands

using same towel

using the same toilet

casual kiss

touch unbroken bone

mouth to mouth resuscitation



These things cannot spread the virus.

What are symptoms and what is the sign?

Symptoms can be defined as something that is felt by the only patient like a headache.

The sign is something which detects by other people.

Symptoms will be the result of an attack of  virus, bacteria, fungi etc.

Initial  HIV symptoms:



weight loss



joint pain

Last stage symptoms:

acute Diarrhea

dry cough


permanent tiredness

white spots on tongue/mouth

shortness of breathing

=>Life threatened illness also developed like nervous disorder, cancer etc.


It is diagnosis by Blood Test.

If HIV virus present in blood then test will be positive.

HIV virus takes 3 weeks to 3 months to show up an infection in the blood.



Initial stage:

1During first 72 hours Antiretroviral medicines are  used called PEP, it is an HIV medicine.

This medicine stops infection associated with unpleasant side effects

2-Regular Blood Test

3-HIV treat with Antiretroviral that slows down the infection.

4-Treatment is permanent and lifelong,

pills must be used.

5-antifungal cream(ciclopirox) may help to eradicate HIV.

6-Taken minerals and vitamins also helped to stop infection.

=>But its complete treatment is not discovered yet.



Unprotected sex.

drug abuse

sharing syringe

body fluids exposure.

2-Employing precautions to reduce the risk of infection.

3-During pregnancy medicine may affect baby so effective treatment plan is necessary.

Avoid breast milk

4-Make the people aware about HIV/AIDs.

The greatest medicine in the world is your own will power. If you lose this then you will destroy by yourself, so be brave and follow all the description that are mention above

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