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Hi! This is Shees. Today we will all talk about acne.

Introduction Of Acne:

Beauty is the first demand of anyone. Especially for ladies, it is the big problem for them. They can bear anything but not a single pimple on their faces. Obviously, the beauty is equal to women, isn’t? I think so… Now, we are going to talk about Acne.

Acne is the problem of skin in which skin bears pimples and dark spots. It is not the dangerous form but leaves scars. It affects about 50% of people in the united state. Many skin glands are present in the skin. One of them is the Sebaceous gland that activates during puberty and leads to Acne. But it is not uniform in their action. At any age, Acne can occur. Here are the types of Acne:


  • Blackhead
  • Whitehead
  • Nodules
  • Cyst

There are certain causes of Acne that may due to the menses, stress, Hormonal changes, certain medicines etc.

Home Remedies For Acne

Home Remedies For Acne:

The best treatment for the acne is the home remedies. It really works and makes your skin acne-free. Following are the remedies for the Acne:


Water is the major constituent of our body. It is said that water is the best remedy for the treatment of any kind of skin problem. If you drink  7-8 glass of water in per day then your skin becomes healthy. But drink water after an hour.


It is disinfectant and removes the scars present on the skin. you can directly apply lemon juice on the skin for 15 minutes then washed.

Fish oil supplements:

These are very good for the health of skin and hair. It is full of Omega 3-fatty acids.  You can intake 1 tb in per day and see the results.

Vegetables and fruits:

Nature grows vegetables and fruits for the welfare of the man. They are full of nutrition. Especially, when they eat in an uncocked form it really makes your skin healthy and acne-free.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is full of organic acid that deals with this problem. Mixed 1 part of Apple Cider Vinegar into the  3 part of water. Apply on the skin for 10-15 seconds then washed your face. But it is irritating to skin, so, use in a very small quantity.

Cinnamon and Honey:

Both of them has the ability to fight with Acne. They reduce inflammation and kills bacteria present on the skin. Add 2 spoons of honey into 1 spoon of cinnamon. Mixed well then apply on the skin. Leave it for 15 minutes then washed it.

Mint and Yogurt:

Yogurt has beneficial bacteria that fight with the harmful one. Mint also helped to remove the oil clot on the skin. Mixed some chopped mint into yogurt and apply on the skin for 15 minutes.


Aspirin has salicylic acid that reduces the inflammation and causes dryness of pimples. Mash full pill into 2 tbs of water and apply on the skin.

Aloe Vera Gel:

It is the best moisturizer for the skin. It has the ability to heal up the wounds and reduce inflammation. You can directly apply the gel to the skin. Repeat this 3-4 times in a day.

Tea tree oil:

This oil is best for the skin problems. It kills the harmful organisms live on the skin. Add 1 part of this oil into the 9 part of water. Then apply on the skin for few minutes.

Green tea:

This tea is full of antioxidants that really good for the Acne. Make a green tea by soaking bags into hot water then cool it and apply on the skin with the cotton piece.

Whitening Toothpaste:

It is suggested for the skin to deals with the acne. It has the ability to reduce a pimple and inflammation. You can apply directly to affected area and leaves for overnight.

Nutmeg and milk:

This is the spice that is full of vitamins. The presence of Vitamin C and other ingredients make it prominent in the treatment of the acne. You can mixed nutmeg into the milk and apply on the skin for better results.

Orange peel or Banana peel:

The perfect treatment for acne is the vitamin C that is present in the orange. Take the orange peel, exposed them in the sun. Then grind and mixed with water. Now, apply on the skin for 15 minutes.

You can also directly apply banana peel on the skin. It really good for acne.


So, it is concluded that acne is the big problem if treated properly. But remain it untreated leads to severe condition. Here are the remedies that might help you. Hopefully, this article delivers you a lot of information.

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