Home remedies for healthy and shiny hair

healthy and shiny hair:

Hair is the most important factor of our personality. Strong, shiny and silky hair enhance the beauty of our face.  Hair is the fastest growing cells of our body. For strong and healthy hair it is important to eat healthy food. If we don’t eat the healthy diet. Our hair is affected first and suffer from deficiencies. Protein helps in growth of hair so we should add such types of food which are rich in protein. It is necessary to take care of our health because healthy hair is the sign of healthy body.

Healthy diet for healthy and shiny hair:

Hair falls, dandruff, dryness, and itching are the main hair problems. These problems occur only because of poor diet. If we  eat such types of food which are high in protein and iron. It really works to reduce all these problems. We should include leafy vegetable fish, cereals, beans, soybean, chickpea, pumpkin seeds and nuts in our diet.

It is best to eat complete protein which is also rich in amino acid. Here are these foods which are full of protein with amino acid:

  • Milk
  • yoghurt
  • cheese
  • lentils
  • peas
  • quinoa

Home remedies for healthy and shiny hair:


Home remedies proved helpful for many times for long, healthy and shiny hairs. These remedies can be applied without the risk of any side effect. Here are these remedies:

=> Don’t wash your hair every day. Every day wash can be damaged your hair.So wash your hair two times in a week.

=> For long hair trim your hair in every 6 to 8 weeks. Trimming is the best way to get rid of brown rough split ends.

=> People who have dry hair don’t use colour.

=> Comb your hair with the broad-toothed brush from roots to the tips.It is the best hair exercise.

=> Use good quality of shampoo and conditioner which is suitable for your hair and helps to maintain the natural moisture and shine of your hair .

=> Massage is very helpful for the growth of hair and also reduce the stress. so massage your hair twice in a week.

=> People who have dry hair they should apply the mixture of mustard oil, egg and yoghurt in the roots of the hair.Rinse it after 30 minutes.

=> Take a small piece of ginger and cooked it in mustard oil. Then massage this oil on your scalp for shiny and silky hair.

=> Hair falls is the most common problem. If you lose 100 to 150 strands of hair so it is normal don’t be panic. Beetroot is the best diet in hair falls.

=> Use olive oil with lemon juice for the strong and long hair.

=> Dandruff is the most irritating problem. Coconut oil is the best in this problem.

=> For long hair apply mustard oil with castor oil on your scalp.

=> Mix some quantity of honey in almond oil and then apply it to the roots of hair, for shiny hair.

=> If you want to straight or curl your hair and then must apply the serum. Serum protects the hair from the damage of curling and ironing.

=> Wash your hair with lukewarm tea water for hair falls.

These home remedies for healthy and shiny hair are the most popular home remedies so apply them and enjoy their benefits.


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