Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Hi! This is Shees. Today we will all talk about Joint pain.


Joint pain is very common in this era. Mostly, the people at old age suffered from this pain. The question arises how and why this pain occurs. But before I am going to answer this question, firstly see what is joint. When two bones are connected to each other then their attachment site is called joint. Means, joints are those that bind two bones together. Joints play very important and unique role in our body. They helped us to move easily. They support our bones. It is also called Arthritis or Arthralgia. All the joints that present in our body are not same but different.

These are the different joints that present in the body:

  • Hinge joint
  • Pivot joint
  • Ball and socket joint
  • Condyloid joint
  • Saddle joint

Usually, three terms are used when we talked about the joint:


It is the structure that attached bone to bone around the joint.


It is another structure that attached muscle to the bone around the joint.


It is the sacs that are fluid filled and provide gliding surface.

Any change in these leads to joint pain.

Symptoms Of Joints Pain:

Here the symptoms of the joint pain:

  • joint swelling
  • Joint redness
  • Limping
  • joint tenderness
  • joint warmth
  • locking of the joint
  • loss of motion of the joint
  • Fever
  • Tingling
  • Fatigue
  • stiffness
  • Weakness

Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Causes Of Joint Pain:

When Ligament, Tendon, and brush structures are damaged then it leads to joint pain. These are damaged due to some injury or disease. It is mild but when pain gains entry into the joint then it will become severe.

Improper sleep leads to many types of aches like joint aches.

Poor or Improper posture cause this pain.

Lack of exercise causes joint pain.

Home Remedies For Joint Pain:

This pain can be reduced by using Home Remedies. Here are the remedies in order to get relief from this pain:

Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Hot water:

As we know that water is the blessing of Nature. But Hot water proved to bless the people that are suffered from the joint pain. So, Dipped your hand and feet in the hot water.


Add food in your diet that helped your body to fight with inflammation, so pain reduces. For this, eat vegetables, fish, onion, and herbs etc.

Apple cider vinegar:

Drink one glass of water, adding ACV into it. This reduces your internal joint pain also and makes you infection free.


Nature has stored important chemicals in the ginger that makes it special in the treatment of joint pain. so, use it in your diet to get relief from the joint pain.


It contains Eugenol that really works to reduce the pain. So, add this clove in your diet.

Home Remedies For Joint Pain


This has the ability to kill all the microorganisms that causing this pain. Adding garlic to your diet will fight with this pain.


Curcumin is present in the Turmeric that deals with the swelling and reduces it. So, use of this spice in the food prevents joint pain. You can also drink turmeric by adding half spoon in the water.

Potatoes juice:

This is the vegetable that is full of carbohydrates. The juice of this veggie is act as a medicine for the treatment of this joint pain.

Epsom salt and Lemon:

This is full of magnesium that reduces the acid level because many pains occur due to high acid in the body. So, take a half cup of warm water add this salt and lemon juice in equal amount then drink 2 times in a day.

Cinnamon and Honey:

It contains antioxidants that deal with this pain. So, take a cup of water, then mixed half spoon of cinnamon powder and honey into it then drink.

Home Remedies For Joint Pain


Cherries are full of potassium and magnesium that are very good for the joint pain.

Green tea:

This tea is very good in every disease and pain. It helped your body to fight with this horrible pain. Use it three times in a day.

Alfalfa tea:

It is the herb that is full of minerals that reduce the acid level in the body to prevent this pain. Add Alfalfa seeds in the boiling water then boiled it for half an hour then drain and drink.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is very good for our body. It absorbs all the pain. Make a decoction of aloe vera gel then drink on the daily bases.

Masturd oil:

This oil has the ability to boost up the proper flow of blood in the body. So, massage this oil on the affected area then wrap it with the bandage.

Home remedies for joint pain

Fish oil:

This oil is full of omega 3- fatty acids that reduce the inflammation much and get relief from the joint pain. eat 2 spoons of this oil on daily bases.

Borage seed oil:

It reduces the joint pain much, so, apply this oil on the affected area to say bye to the pain.

Olive oil:

This oil reduces the joint pain much because it contains pro-inflammatory enzymes. Massage this oil on the affected area then cover with the bandage. You can also it in the cooking.

Castor oil:

Application of castor oil is also very good to get all the pains including joint pain.


Put ice packs on the affected area because it reduces all the soreness and irritation.


It is concluded that this horrible pain if occurred then its treatment is necessary. For this use Home remedies that described above. It really works. So, if you are suffering from the joint pain then kill this pain.

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