home remedies for pimples

The face is most effective part of the body. It reflects the whole personality. Healthy and shiny skin is the dream of everyone. There are many skin problems but most of common are a pimple on the face. A pimple can also appear on back and neck but the most affected area is the face. When skin pores are open then dust and bacterias enter into them and caused a pimple. Pimples appear on skin then swell up and fill with pus.


There are many causes of pimples such as:

  • lack of water
  • lack of exercise
  • impure food
  • facial reaction
  • hormonal changes
  • poor lifestyle

home remedies for pimples

Home remedies for pimples :

Many creams, lotions and ointments are available for acne, But these products take time for removing pimples. Quick and easy way to get rid of this problem is home remedies. Home remedies are most effective and give quick result. ingredient of all these tips can easily available at home. Here are home remedies for pimples :

  • Drink about 8 to 10 glass of water in a day.
  • Lemon is full of vitamin C and helps in removing pimples. Dip cotton in lemon juice and apply it on pimple area.
  • Neem is an antibacterial plant, the paste of its leaves is very effective in pimples problems.
  • Apply some quantity of white toothpaste on affected area to remove the pimples.
  • Take a garlic clove, cut it into pieces and rub it on pimples for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Tea tree oil is best home remedies for removing pimples, dip cotton in oil and apply it on affected area.
  • Take steam helps to clean the skin from dirt, oil and bacteria
  • aloe vera gel is very beneficial in pimples problems, take some gel and apply on skin and leave it. overnight.
  • Ice cubes help to tight the open pores of the skin.
  • Add vegetables and fruits to diet.
  • drink 1 glass of milk every day.
  • Go for the morning walk daily and take the breath in fresh air.


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