Home Remedies For Severe Hair Fall

Hi! This is Shees. Today we will all talk about Hair loss.


Hair….. one of the most special for us. Everyone wants to get stronger, shiny and longer hair. It’s natural. The beautiful hair is the demand of every and each woman. Hair is considered the first beauty of a woman. The woman without hair attracts no one. But Here is the lady that have beautiful, healthy hair attracted everyone including you. Am I right???

Hairs are the one of the fastest growing tissue in your body. The protein that is present in hair is Keratine. Researcher indicates that falling 50-150 hairs in a day is normal. But when the amount exceeds then it is the time of worry. but don’t worry.

Home remedies for severe hair

Hairs can be shredded by the deficiency of iron, an imbalance in the thyroid hormone, and some drugs. The structure of the hair is the same in all the person.

Home Remedies For Severe Hair Fall:

Home remedies are very effective for the treatment of different problems. So, following are the remedies for the severe hair fall:

Coconut milk:

Coconut milk is considered the most effective in its action because it is full of Vitamin E and some good fats. The application of coconut milk to the roots of your hairs proves very good for the health of the hairs. Apply for about half an hour then wash your hair.

Home Remedies For Severe Hair Fall

Aloe vera gel:

The gel of aloe vera is full of the nutrients. The use of this gel on the hair reduces hair loss and make them stronger than before.

Rub this gel on the hairs, left them for 20 minutes then washed your hair.


Neem is the antibacterial that helps to reduce dandruff and makes the hairs stronger. Add some neem leaf in the water then boiled the mixture until it reduced to half. Cool down the mixture and apply it.


Add one egg into a mustard oil then apply it on the roots of the hairs. This oil is very good for your hairs.

Onion juice:

Onion juice is the best remedy for the treatment of the damaged hair. Directly apply this juice on to the roots of the hairs.

Green tea bag:

Dipped green tea bag into a hot water. Cool the green tea then apply on the hairs.


Made potato puree by blending the potatoes. Mixed it with the honey then apply on the hairs in order to get stronger hairs.

Lemon juice:

lemon is very good for the health of the hairs. it makes your hair as strong as you want. Mixed some lemon juice into a warm water then mixed it well. Apply on the hairs. After some time washed them.

Amla and Lime juice:

Add an equal amount of lime and amla juice into a bowel then apply this mixture on to the hairs.

Yogurt and Honey:

Add yogurt to a bowel. Put some lemon juice and honey into then mixed well. The application of the mixture makes your hairs stronger, smoother and healthy.

Olive oil and Cinnamon:

Add Olive oil and Cinnamon into a bowel. Then add some honey. It will become a hair pack. Apply this pack on the hairs for the strong hairs.


It is concluded that hair loss is the big problem. We should fight with this by using home remedies. Home remedies work a lot. It really eliminates the problem from which you are suffering. Hope you get a lot of knowledge from this article.

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2 thoughts on “Home Remedies For Severe Hair Fall

  1. Seema

    Thank you for this informative article… what is the best and easiest remedy to increase the thickness and growth of hair. Is there any remedy to remove or lessen the white hairs… thank you once again…

    1. Maira Ishaq

      Thanks Seema,
      Mustard oil 100ml + caster 25ml + black seed powder 2 tablespoons + fenugreek powder 1 tablespoon mix all ingredients nicely and pour into a jar and put it in sunshine for 7 days. after that apply it on ur hair for half an hour before taking the shower


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