How to care a newborn Baby?

Hello! This is Shees. Today we will talk about newborn baby care.


Pregnancy is the great blessing of nature. No one can oppose it even. How beautiful is this when a woman takes 9 months to give birth a baby. It is supposed to be a great miracle of nature. When a woman gets pregnant, she feels something different because two souls are involved in this process. As the month passed out, the excitement of two partners increased.

After a long time, the day has reached when she is going to birth a baby. The whole life seems to be changed when they hold their child in their arms. Now, the new souls demand a lot of care. Actually, new parents become confused so, this article will help them.


Plenty of rest:

New born baby has required plenty of rest. Some babies take the sleep of 16 hours.

The newborn has confused in their days and nights. But if your baby is more alert about night then dim the room lights so he enjoys his sleep.

Keep in mind that place your soul on his back, it avoids the risk to get SIDS.

You should change the position of your baby.


If you want to feed your baby then after delivery there is the best time to start.

First of all turns your baby’s body toward you and hold the baby chest toward yours.

Now. touch the upper lip of your baby to your nipple. the baby opens his mouth and covers your whole chest.

Drink milk to your baby after least 2-3 hours for about 20 minutes.

The mother should also balance your diet. The food that the mother ingests, affects her baby a lot. So, a mother should avoid the gassier food.

Some doctors suggested the formula milk in order to provide extra nourishment to your baby.

Umbilical cord care:

The umbilical cord stump falls off after 2 weeks. Huge care is required to avoid infection. For this burn the garlic into the

mustard oil. Then apply the luke-warm oil into his belly button. Also, a mother should touch the baby skin to skin because it makes the brain of your baby active one.

Babies suffering from gas:

If your baby suffering from gas then you should avoid the food that is responsible for this gas. But if your baby is suffering from gas then gave 1-2 tb carom seeds decoction to your baby.

baby care

Food for the baby:

When the baby reached at the age of 4 months then gave him some foods.

For 4-6 months baby:

  • At this age, you should give soft and fluid consistency food to him.
  • Boil the rice then mashed it and enjoy your baby with it.
  • Mashed banana is one of the excellent food.
  • Give egg, potato, meat, and pulses top him.
  • Don’t give any food that contains gluten until 6.

baby care

 For 6-9 months baby:

  • Use fruits, vegetables, meats, pulses, and cereals. But you are not now bound to give his gluten free food.
  • Gave him cow milk.
  • Also gave him curd.

For 9-12 months baby:

  • The baby develops the habit to chew and bite the food.
  • Now, the baby should eat toasts, sandwiches, finger chips, chopped fruits.
  • Gave the snacks to your baby that provide him nourishment.

Remember it:

  • Never left the baby alone during drinking and feeding.
  • Keep all the utensils of the baby clean.
  • Don’t give spicy food to your baby.
  •  Never give nuts to the small baby.
  • Red meat is the best one for babies.

So, this is all about baby care, visit again. Thanx!

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