How To Reduce The Size Of The Breast

Hi! This is Shees. Today we will talk about the size of the breast and how it can reduce.


Breast is the most attractive organ of a lady. It is the main beauty of the women. It is present in the thorax. The body structure of a girl that is not mature sexually is different from the other one who is sexually mature. When a girl reaches the puberty then gland release the hormone called Estrogen that rises the size of the breast.  The main function of the breast is the Lactation. It produces the milk on which baby feed. The breast is composed of three type of tissues like:

Adipose Tissue

Glandular Tissue

Connective Tissue

All these tissues contain receptors of the hormone, so, when the hormones change then it leads to the change of the size of the breast.  It is the desired of every lady to maintain her breast in perfect shape. But due to certain factors, it loses its proper shape that has some influence on the beauty of women. Listen, guys, everything has some limitations when you crossed the fixed limit then, of course, it has negative effects. Same is the case with the Breast, it is the most desirable organ of a lady because it is the sign of her femininity but when its size becomes over-sized then it lacks its beauty. Large breast leads to emotional and physical problems. Here are the factors that affect the size of the breast:

  • Hereditary factors
  • Hormonal changes
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Body-type


How To Reduce The Size Of The Breast:

Here we will talk that what we do to maintain the breast in shape and lose over the breast.

Citrus fruits:

The citrus fruit contains Vitamin C that causes the burning of fats. So, intake a lot of citrus fruit. It makes you healthy not obese.


Omega 3-fatty acids are the most prominent nutrient in the fish that increases the level of metabolism and reduce your breast.

Green vegetable:

Vegetables are the blessings of nature. it provides you only and only health. Especially, green vegetables make you obese free and maintain the proper shape of your body.


Ginger is the most effective remedy for the reduction of the size of the body. It increases the metabolic rate of the body. So, to fight with the heavy breast, boil some grated ginger in the water. Add few drops of honey in it then drink on the daily bases.

Green tea:

This tea is very famous for losing the weight.The green tea contains Catechins that burns extra fats in the body. So, drink this tea three times in a day without adding sugar to it.


These are the seeds that are full of Omega 3-fatty acids that are effective in the burning of fats in the body. So, add few seeds to the hot water and drink it.

Neem leaves and turmeric:

Neem and turmeric have a good partnership in the reduction of the heavy breast. For this add neem leaves in the hot water then boil it. After that add turmeric powder and honey into it then drink on the daily bases.

Olive oil:

This oil is best for its effects. Apply this oil to the breast and massage for about 10 minutes. Repeat this process two times in a day.

Heavy Breast


When you breathe then you breast moves upward and downward. So, in the morning and evening takes 13-15 long breathes.


Jogging helped the body to eliminate extra fats so, do it for half an hour per day.


This is the difficult exercise. I know. But really work. So, perform this exercise on daily bases.


So, it is concluded that heavy breast is not the blessing. So, it can be reduced to its proper size by following the above information. Yes, it is difficult but not impossible. Hopefully, you get a lot of information.

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