inflammatory breast cancer and Its home remedies

Hi!This is Shees. Today we talked about inflammatory breast cancer, its causes, symptoms, and treatment.


Cancer is the abnormal growth of body cell. Breast cancer can be defined as the irregular growth of the cells present in the breast, called breast cancer.

Key points:

  • It starts from the inner lining of milk ducts.
  • This cancer is more common in women than men.
  • About one in eight women in united state effect from this disease.
  • It is a second leading cause of cancer death in women.
  • One woman will die after 13 min with breast cancer in the U.S.


Getting Old:

  • Greater the age of women, greater will be the risk of getting Breast cancer.


  • Women, whose close relative that has breast cancer, are more likely to develop this cancer.

History of breast cancer:

  • A women who had a cancer, may develop it again.

Had certain type of breast lumps:

  • The women that had the certain type of breast lumps, effect more from this disease.

Dense breast:

  • Breast cancer is more common in the women who has dense breast.


  • Obese women more effects from this.


  • Taller women are more infect from this cancer than shorter height women.

Alcohol consumption:

  • It is the major cause of this disease.

Radiation exposure:

  • X-rays or CT-scan may develop cancer in women.


  1. Symptoms are feel only by patient.
  2. Headache, pain.
  3. Rash.
  4. Swelling.
  5. Thickening of tissues in the breast.
  6. Redness in the breast.
  7. Nipple may be discharge or contain blood.
  8. The shape of breast is changed.


It is diagnosed:

  1. By routine breast screening.
  2. Breast ultrasound
  3. X-rays
  4. Breast exam
  5. Biopsy
  6. Breast MRI scan


Follow these for the treatment of breast cancer:


  • This involve the removing of tumors.


  • It is used to kill cancerous cells.


  • Medications are used to kill affects cells.

Hormone therapy:

  • It is used for the treatment of the cancer that is sensitive to hormone.


  1. Physical exercise
  2. Avoid alcohol consumption
  3. Healthy body weight
  4. Take proper diet

Home remedies:


Use garlic in your diet because it responds against cancerous cell.


This vegetable has the ability to kill the tumorous cell.

Green tea:

Add green tea to your routine because it helps to get rid of the cancer.

Olive oil:

This oil fights with cancer so use it.


This vegetable is very good for prevention of cancer.


Brest cancer is very common nowaday. We should focus on our health. Here are remedies and some prevention. You should follow to get rid of Breast cancer.

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