Hello! This is Shees.  Today we will talk about Delivery.


Giving birth to a new soul is very charming and pleasant.

Although it is a very painful event in human ‘s life, still it changes the whole life.

Also, it is the great miracle of nature.

In the past time, it is said delivery only associated to mother and baby has no contribution but, later time reveals that delivery occurs by the hormones of the baby.

Research indicates that the baby suffers the same pain as the mother suffers.

Actually, there is a partnership between the mother and baby.

Dealing with labor pain:

The labor pain varies from one pregnancy to other pregnancy.

Pain is occurred by the contraction of the uterus and pressure on the cervix.

It is very important to handle this type of pain.

It is impossible to say that delivery occurs by the little pain.

But it is very wise to prepare yourself for this pain. The planning helps you to cope up with pain.

Following are the strategies:

  • Lamaze technique: It teaches women that birth is a normal and natural process and women should be empowered to approach it with confidence.
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • Massage
  • Changing your position
  • Taking a bath

Labour and Delivery:

In the ninth month, the baby lies head down because the head is the first part of emerging at birth.

  • The mother’s labor starts when the muscle of uterus contracts.
  • The system causes the cervix gradually to open up to allow the baby to pass through the vagina.
  • The amnion tears and releases fluids.
  • The contraction becomes more frequent when the baby pushes through the cervix and vagina.
  • At last, delivery occurs.


After Delivery:

  • The baby takes birth.
  • A huge crying starts by the baby that activates the lungs so they work properly.
  • The umbilical cord is cut and baby is examined.
  • Finally, membranes and placenta expelled out from the mother body.
  • Now the baby accepted the environment, breath air, and take milk.
  • The baby shows same behaviour outside as inside of the mother body.

Baby’s first hour:


At o minute:

It wails robust to wake up the lungs.

At 2 minutes:

After wailing, baby spends less than a minute in order to relax.

At 2.5 minutes:

The baby opens his eyes and also moves his hands and feet.

At 8 minutes:

Now the baby becomes more active and opens his eyes for about five minutes.

At 18 minutes:

Uppsss! This is the time of exhausting.

At 36 minutes:

Then the baby relying heavily on a sense of smell to navigate.

At 70 minutes:

The baby falls asleep.

So, this is all about labor and delivery. Hope you get a lot of knowledge from this article. Thanx!

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