Potato Nutrition & health benefits

Hi! This is Shees. Today we will talk about potatoes.

What is Potatoes:

The potato is the starchy, tuberous crop which belongs to the family Solanaceae.

The potato becomes the staple food and plays an integral role in the world food supply.

It is the world ‘s fourth largest crop.

China is the leading producer of potatoes.



These are the types of the potatoes:

Russet potatoes:

These potatoes are medium to large.

They are floury, light and dry in texture.

They have a mild flavour and also contains medium sugar content.

Red potatoes:

These potatoes are small to medium.

They are waxy, creamy and smooth in texture.

They are subtly sweet and contains small content of sugar.

White potatoes:

These potatoes are small to medium and rounded.

They have delicate skin. They are slightly creamy, thin and denser in texture.

They contain less sugar and subtly sweet.

Yellow potatoes:

These potatoes are marble to large size.

They have velvety, creamy and waxy in texture.

They contain medium sugar content.

Purple potatoes:

They are small to medium size and are deep purple.

They have floury texture, moist and firm flesh.

They contain very low sugar content and nutty in flavor.

Fingerling potatoes:

They are only 2-4 inches long and are finger-shaped.

They have waxy, firm and dry in texture.

They have buttery, nutty flour and contains medium sugar.

Petite potatoes:

These are small and bite-sized potatoes.

They contain sugar content and similar to its cousins.


Benefits of potatoes:

These are benefits of potatoes:

BP control:

Potatoes are the great source of potassium which is the mineral and help

to lower the blood pressure.

Nervous system health:

Potatoes contain B6 vitamins that maintain neurological health.

It also helped to produce useful chemicals.


It contains Vitamine C that boosts up your immune system.


Potatoes contain a high level of cholesterol which helps the digestion.

It contains fibers which avoid constipation.


Potatoes prove very good for skin. It makes the skin smooth and healthy.


Harmful effects of Potatoes:

Following are the harmfulness of potatoes:


It increases the hunger which leads to overweight.

Gastrointestinal effects:

potatoes contain starch that stimulates gas during digestion.


It is said that potatoes increase inflammation and joint pain.

So, this is all about potatoes. Vegetables are very good for health.Everything that gave us some benefits also has some harmfulness. It depends on how you use. Hopefully, you enjoy it. Thanx!

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