Quick Weight loss Tips For Woman

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It is said that:

Every time you drink or eat,

You are either feeding disease or fighting it

Our body is the most important partner of us. It supports in every condition. It demands us to keep it fit because it is only the place where we have to live. But some people don’t care about it and suffered a disease called obesity. it is also called Over-weight. It affects the people that eat much. All the disease that surround a person may be the result of some germs but this disease is caused by you. Actually, you are responsible for your condition. Obesity or over-weight cab be defined as Accumulation of the excess of fats that are not needed by our body leads to obesity.

Fats are necessary for our body. There is a scale for the fats that decides what type of and how much fats should be there in the body. You ill eating behaviour damaged this scale and leads to the gathering of unimportant fats.

Remember, when you are a baby, very cute and attractive. Your parents and everyone in your surroundings want to see you healthy. You eat much but fit. It is because you do much exercise by playing and performing other activities. So, you still healthy.

Now, come back in present see what you are doing with you. You eat much but exercise????? There should be some ration in eating food and exercise. If equilibrium diminishes between them then obesity occurs. Obesity….. a type of curse that leads to other many horrible diseases.

weight loss tips for woman


When these symptoms have appeared then you are exposed to obesity. The symptoms are described as:

  • Hunger pungs all the time
  • Inability in doing physical activities
  • Improper breathing
  • Backache
  • Headache
  • Feeling solitary
  • Arthritis
  • Feeling tired
  • Snoring
  • Over Sweating

Causes of obesity:

weight loss tips for woman

Every disease that occurs has some causes. In this way, obesity occurs by these following causes:


Obesity is an inherited disease that moves from one generation to generation. If parents are suffering from this disease then their offsprings may be suffered from it.


As you know that taking drugs is equal to the destruction of normal health.  The person that take drugs or smoke leads to this obesity.


When you eat silly food includes too much oil containing dishes or junk food then obesity is waiting for you.


An immune system is one of us important system that protects us from diseases by fighting with them. The system gets energy from our sleep. If you sleep condition is not good then your immune system does not work properly. So, many diseases occur like obesity.


When the pressure exerted on mental parts then stress occurs. stress is the leading case of many illnesses like obesity.

Physical inactivity:

Exercise is very important. When your body does not perform physical activity then it becomes dull and caused obesity.

Quick Weight loss Tips For Woman:

Quick Weight loss Tips For Woman

Every woman wants to look slim and beautiful. The obese woman also looks beautiful and slim. So, here are the tips for those women:


About 90% of our body constituent is depended upon the water. Water is the universal solvent that dissolves all the toxins present and then excreted them. It washes out our body and produces comfortable environment inside the body. So, drink plenty of water to reduce excess fats.


Eggs are the complete source of proteins that are necessary for our body to keep it healthy and reduce excess material. You should eat a complete egg per day. Hence it reduces your overweight.

Green tea:

Drink green tea without sugar because it reduces your weight much. Alos, it is full of antioxidants that provide a healthy atmosphere in the body.

Coconut oil:

This oil is full of energy. The intake of this oil helps to burn the excess and harmful fats. the presence of fats in the coconut oil digest differently and also boost metabolic processes to work properly.

weight loss tips for woman

Vegetables and fruits:

Nature created vegetables and fruits that are the complete source of energy. Especially, uncooked vegetables are very good for your health. So, eat all the type of vegetables and fruits.

Especially, Tomatoes and cabbage are most recommended for the weight loss.


The food that full of fibers is proved beneficial for the obese people in order to reduce fats like beans, peas, sprouts etc.

weight loss tips for woman

Aloe vera:

Add one spoon of aloe vera gel in a lukewarm water and drink in the morning in order to lose your weight. It is one of the best remedies that really work.

Seeds of cumin:

This is the remedy in which you can take boiled water then add some cumin seeds and drain it. Drink on daily bases for weight loss.

Honey and Yogurt:

You can take one cup of yogurt then add 1 spoon of honey into it. This has the ability to reduce your weight much.

Honey and Carom seeds:

Take one glass of hot water then added some carom seeds into it and boiled. Leave for some minutes after heating then adds 1 spoon of honey. Drink on the daily base for weight loss.

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is very good for your health. So, before breakfast, mix 1 lemon juice into lukewarm water then drink, it really loses the weight.

weight loss tips for woman

Papaya soup:

Papaya has the ability to reduce your weight. So, prepare a papaya soup and enjoy it daily.

Ginger slice:

Ginger stores a lot of beneficial properties that make us healthy. In this way, it helped to gain normal weight. For weight loss, chew one slice for some minutes then spit it.


Take exercise properly. If you can’t do it then just walk about 70 feet only after every meal.


It is concluded that over-weight can be reduced to normal weight by using remedies. But before this, you should take care of your health and eat food that provides you health. Hopefully, you get a lot of knowledge from this article.

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