skin allergy symptoms

Skin Allergy:

Skin is the most sensitive part of our body. It protects the body. It needs more care than other parts of the body. There are many skin diseases, But the most common disease is skin allergy. A large number of people are suffering in this disease, especially young babies. The most common skin disease in the infant is eczema. When our body direct contacts with allergen then immune system response in form of allergy. Skin allergy is a disorder of the immunity system. Skin allergy is not a minor problem that can be light. It can be critical if it is not cured at the time.



There are many factors that caused skin allergy:

  • to eaten such food which is not suitable for the body
  • To smell something
  • By inhaling
  • By wearing metal jewellery
  • By environmental factors
  • Genetic problem
  • By insect killer spray


There are many skin allergy symptoms. Here are symptoms:

  • redness
  • blister
  • rashes
  • itching
  • sneezing
  • bumps
  • swelling
  • difficulty in breath
  • chest tightness
  • watery eyes
  • runny nose

There are most common symptoms of skin allergy. if you found one of these symptoms,  So immediately consult your doctor and take medicine according to the doctor’s advice.


It is said that “prevention is the best than cure” If we follow some precautions then we prevent from this irritating skin problem. We should take care of our health.

  • Avoid eating such type of food which is not suitable.
  • Don’t wear nickel metal jewellery
  • Insect killer spray is very poisonous and its instant reaction is skin allergy. So we should avoid touching garden tools.
  • cover your mouth and nose with the mask to avoid such things which caused skin allergy.

Home remedies:

Home remedies are proved very useful in the cure of skin allergy. The products of these remedies are easily available at home so everyone can apply them.

  • Drink fresh juices
  • Apply coconut oil on the skin to reduce itching and redness.
  • Use olive oil on the skin.
  • Apply aloe vera for the skin soothing
  • Apply baking soda to reduce rashes.
  • Soak porridge in water and make its paste by grinding it. Apply this paste on face.


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