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Hello!This is Shees. Today we will talk about tooth sensitivity, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and some other information.


Uppss… Sensitivity is very irritating. It is just like jobless people that interfere other people’s life a lot. It is because sensitivity interferes our daily life a lot. It is also called Dentin hypersensitivity. Sensitivity stays for the short duration.It occurs when tooth root is exposed.

It can be defined as:

  •  The capacity of organisms or the part of any organ that respond to stimulation.
  •  The degree of susceptibility to stimuli.
  •  The quality of being sensitive.
  •  When you take a sip of hot or cold drink then a sharp pain run through your teeth, termed as sensitivity.

Who suffers from sensitive tooth:

The people that have the age of 20-40 suffer from this sensitivity.

It is more common in women than the man. It also begins to interfere with your daily life.



Here are the causes of Sensitivity:

1- Tooth erosion due to acidic food.

2- Grinding your teeth at sleeping.

3- Worn tooth enamel from using the hard brush.

4- Brush with too much force.

5- Brushing from side to side.

6- Cracked teeth cause pain and sensitivity.

7-   An Excessive build-up of plaque.

8- Many manufacturers add tooth-white chemicals in the paste, cause sensitivity.

9- Gum recession.

10- Loss of enamel and cementum.


When we eat hot, cold, acidic and sweet food, this makes our teeth painful then you have sensitive teeth.


It is diagnosed by series of X-ray.

Your dentist conducts an exam to determine the cause of  sensitivity.



1- By brushing twice a day.

2- By flossing.

3- Reduce the use of acidic food.

4- Prevent plaque build-up.


1- Tooth sensitivity is curable.

2- Use toothpaste that has fluoride and abrasives.

3- Cleaning of teeth.

4- Application of desensitising agent on the exposed areas of teeth.

5- Follow oral hygiene instruction.

6- See your dentist daily.

Home Remedies for Sensitivity:

These are the home remedies that causes relief from sensitivity:

Coconut oil:

Putting some coconut oil on your teeth for about  20 minutes reduce sensitivity a lot.


Rinse your mouth with salt water daily may improve sensitivity.

Clove oil:

Mix 5 drops of this oil in lukewarm water then rinse your mouth with this solution.

Guava leaf:

Chew guava leaf for some mintes then spit it. It is one of the effective remedy.


It is very good for the teeth. Place a piece of the onion in the mouth for some minutes in order to cure the sensitivity.


Rub garlic clove on the teeth then washed them. It is considered very special for tooth care.


It is concluded that you can say by to sensitivity by changing your life style and adding some remedies in your life. Don’t worry if you are suffering from this irritating problem. Now, this problem is ready to go by using these home remdies. Soon you are able to enjoy ice creams, cold drinks etc.

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